Welcome to Impregnation Porn!


There’s plenty of gonzo creampie porn out there, you know that, and most of it is disappointing tip of the cock stuff. When you finally get to it after sitting through forty-five minutes of the usual well lit, sex-in-every-position seen-it-all-before shit you’ve seen everywhere else.

We’re not gonna feature that.

impregnationporn.com is where you come to find the good stuff; the unusual stuff; the stuff that sates that little devil on your shoulder whispering, “Nah, don’t pull out…”

Why do you creampie? To fulfil nature’s calling: impregnation. There’s not a lot of good stuff in that niche kicking around, a lot you’ll probably have already seen, but that’s the stuff we try and root out and feature. The best of the fantasy and the reality. If it’s impregnation themed porn, or the ‘lifestyle’, the goal is for you to find it here.

But if a vid is off-theme, of interest, we’ll maybe link it up too – which is why we have a ‘swallow’ section – coz them’s nasty vids.

So unlike a lot of other tube sites, we’re not going to just do a mass import of everything we can find on a web search of “creampie” or “breeding,” everything this site features, the webmasters have watched, approved – and probably rubbed one out to as well.

We’re also going to look beyond just the porn scene to the greater lifestyle: sex toys, escorts and doing it for real…

We welcome discussion so add your load to the comments section.

Don’t pretend you’re here because you’re looking for a bakery site.