If You Had A Dirty Super Power…

… which would it be?

For me, that’s easy. I don’t want no invisibility or being able to shrink myself or fly or shit, I want mind-control: on the sort of next level hypno-fuckery that’d make even a Jedi envious.

Man, there’s so much potential in that. That’d be living on God mode.

Never mind “these aren’t the droids you’re looking for,” how about some “this is the cock you’re looking to sit on.”

It’d make clubbing so much easier.

You just get ready-ish – because it doesn’t matter what you look like – stroll down to the club about 1am, timing it so it’s at its busiest, and then walk right in.

Hey, you can reach out and head fuck anyone, so the doormen too; they’ll just wave you right in if you walk up and say it. “I’m coming in now.”

Then you go in. You don’t need to bother with a drink. You’re not there to socialise, you’re there to pick a target – this week’s fuck toy.

So you stroll around the club and take a good look at every girl. Doesn’t matter if she’s with guys or twenty friends, all you’re looking for is the best looking one, or the one who most gets the spunk in your balls bubbling, that night.

So you can take your sweet time. You have to be a little subtle, you’re not going to head fuck the whole club, but you just walk around and take in what’s on offer.

Then, when you’ve narrowed it down/made your choice, you go saunter up and join them.

You’re not going to get rejected – they love you.

Well… they will after you tell them they do and put the suggestion in their head.

So you go up to a couple of young hotties.

You: “Hi.” As you say hello, you reach out with your mind, connect to theirs, and feed them the thought, “You know me. You’re glad to see me.”

The girls immediately break out in a smile and give you a big “hello.”

To anyone looking on, this will all seem perfectly normal and that the girls are perfectly happy with your company.

So you feed them another thought: “You love me. You’d do anything to be with me.”

And immediately you see the change in the girls as their eyes grow wide, their pupils dilate and they give you their full attention.

You’re their Brad Pitt and Justin  Beiber and whoever else the fuck, all rolled into one.

You ask their names.



Victoria & Sarah? Pic courtesy of shutupandfap.com

Or whatever. You only ask so you can address the one you do want.

“Well, Victoria, I think you’re very pretty. I’m going to ask you some questions now, and you’ll answer truthfully and as if they’re perfectly normal. Okay?”

Victoria nods and smiles. “Okay.”

You: “Are you taking any contraception, Victoria?”

Victoria: “No.”

You: “Good. When was your last period?”

Victoria: she pauses – “About a week… ten days ago, something like that.”

You: “Excellent. And you don’t have any STDs do you, Victoria?”

Victoria: laughs – “Of course not!”

You: “You’re perfect then… Sarah, is it okay if I take your friend home with me and make her pregnant?”

Sarah is disappointed she hasn’t been chosen but shakes her head. Her and her friend exchange glances and giggle.

You take Victoria’s hand and stand up with her.

“Okay. We’re going now. You be okay on your own?”

Sarah nods.

You put a thought in her head.

“Why don’t find a guy to go home with too? Find the oldest, ugliest guy in the club and come on to him. Go home with him and fuck him bareback. Let him do whatever he wants with you.”

Sarah nods smiling. Both girls grin at each other.

You take Victoria from the club, only stopping to let her get her coat if she has one.

You tell Victoria how pretty she is. How much you like her figure and the shape of her ass. How she’s going to wrap those tanned legs around your back as you’re screwing her.

Victoria is beaming. She tells you that she’ll make it really good for you.

You tell her that you want to get your cock into her as soon as possible. That you can’t wait to shoot your sperm up her.

You tell her that as soon as you get back to your place that you’re going to take her straight into the bedroom. That you want her to immediately sit up on your bed… unbutton her pants and take them off. That you want her to then take her knickers off and slowly spread her legs… and invite you to shove your cock up her and put your baby into her.

Victoria nods and giggles. She is very sexually excited. Because you’re feeding her the thought that she is.

Hand in hand you go to the nearest taxi rank. Naturally you walk straight to the front. Anyone who objects, you simply calm them without speaking, and they become silent.

You get in the taxi and head back to yours. You don’t pay for the ride and the driver doesn’t object.

You lead Victoria into your apartment.

“Where’s the bedroom,” she asks as soon as you close the door.

She smiles and heads in the direction you point.

You follow. You turn the lights full on as you want to enjoy this.

Victoria turns to you and smiles.

She then sits back on the bed, scooting herself backwards.

She giggles as she slowly reaches up and takes her pants off. She pauses a moment, letting you enjoy the sight of her in her little white underwear, before removing her them too. Then looking you in the eye, she spreads her legs wide and beckons you.

Victoria ready to be your fuck toy. Pic courtesy of wankerson.com

“Shove your cock up me. Put your baby in my belly.” She pats her stomach as she says it.

You strip, fully naked.

Your cock rock hard.

You get up between Victoria’s legs and rub your cock up and down against her slit.

“We haven’t kissed yet, Victoria. Do you want to kiss me?”

“Yes,” she whispers.

“Not until after I’ve cum in you, okay?”


You sink your cock into her, all the way up to the hilt.

“Have you ever done this before, Victoria? Gone home with a guy you just met and asked him to fuck a baby into you?”


Of course she hasn’t.

You’re pounding her now.

“Do you want me to do that? Screw a baby into you?”

“Yes,” she moans.

“Hold your legs up then. Let me get my cock right up your whore-hole. Make sure I do that for you.”

Victoria holds her legs up in the air as she’s told. She’s in the breeding position now. Less than twenty minutes after meeting her, your cock is deep in her belly as she begs for your baby.

You enjoy screwing her tight pussy. You hold her by the throat, pinning her to the bed.

Making ‘love’ to Victoria aka screwing her pregnant

“You have a boyfriend, Victoria?”


“Good. Don’t worry then, you just tell him the baby’s his, yeah?”


“Good girl. Now I’m getting near… spread your legs as wide as you can and high as you can.”

Victoria does as she’s told.

“Good. I want to get right up inside you for when I cum. Get the head of my cock right up against your cervix. Make sure you get pregnant.”

Victoria nods.

“Okay… here comes your baby, you little slut.”

You push deep into her young body and release a massive blast of cum all over her cervix, coating it in your cum and sperm.

You savour your orgasm, making sure her vagina gets every last drop of semen.

Victoria is smiling up at you.

“Did I do good?” she asks.

Victoria after you get through with her

You lean forward and give her that kiss now.

“Yeah, you did real good… you know I don’t want anything to do with you after this? The baby’s all yours, understand?”

Victoria nods.

“You okay with that?” You ask, simultaneously putting the thought in her head that she is.

She nods and smiles.

“It’ll be a nice reminder of my time with you,” she says.

You push you hips against hers, withdraw your cock slightly, then push against her again, rocking your hips.

“Better make sure all that cum and sperm is deep down there in your cunt hole then, make sure you get that keepsake…”

… and that’s round one for Victoria.

Before she gets sent home in the morning with a sore cunt full of your cum and your baby already growing in her belly.

I’m sure you can add more details 🙂

That’s just one little vignette of why I’d opt for mind control as my power.

What’d be your choice of power? How would you use it?

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