Illustrated Interracial – Review

Illustrated Interracial is an impregnation theme adult comic site, and one I’ve got a soft spot for.

I don’t know how many years it’s been on the go for, but I first found it around 2012/13 I think. And it had a lot of content even then, and given how long it can take the artist to add updates, I’d say it’s been round quite a while.

I reckon it’s a damn site better than the John Pearson stuff, a lot of which seems to be one-off caption pieces, because the artist – who goes by the name of Fobbs – creates full blown stories to follow. Some are from his own imagination, others taken from existing ‘fan fiction’ or readers suggestions.


Speaking of which there used to be a site forum but it was closed following a lot of trolling and craziness in the comments section: one of the fans of Fobbs’s work was definitely a little over-baked and seemed to be obsessing over the comics, and their merits (or not). It was a shame, as the forum was a good read and some interesting (i.e. horny) story and plot lines were thrown about.

All the comics plots are interracial, and the majority are white chicks getting owned by black dudes. Usually in progressively degrading ways leading up to their inevitable impregnation.

Sometimes they’re willing, like in the the Emptiness series, or need a little more coaxing, like in Horny Mothers (two of my favourites). Lust for the Librarian required a lot more *cough* coaxing but she sure came round in the end! But whoever the father to the off-spring of these tales, he’ll like as not be an ugly low-life bum, either way younger than the ‘heroine’ of the story, or way older than her, and by her conversion to black bastard baby-making, be begging to take the loser’s cum in her womb and have his child.

The Black Breeding Network is a novel idea and pretty damn exciting – if only more porn studios would try and make shit like Fobbs produces, we’d all be a lot happier in the impregnation niche. It’s largely in the dialogue, and they’re already fucking on screen after all, so it’d hardly be such a jump to incorporate these eements. And the nice thing about these comic strips is that they’re stuffed with breeding and impregnation dialogue; you won’t blink and miss it like in the old blackbred movies.

Black Breeding Network
Black Breeding Network

Okay, the scene setting and casting might pose a few problems but it’s movies; make believe. It’s what movies do, and can be done.

Especially with Illustrated Interracial’s The Doll. That’s largely set in one room, and is probably my all time favourite of Fobbs’s work.

Interesting to note that in that particular comic strip, the art work isn’t as detailed as in his later work, which takes longer to produce because of that, but I don’t think the simpler style lacks because of the simplicity. And if it ups the work rate, I could live with it.

It’s a novel site, the only one I know of doing this sort of thing – not counting the 3D stuff – and does it very, very well. Well worth the reasonable join-up fee…

So it’s a shame that Fobbs’s art work is easily found elsewhere on the net. I’d have thought the guy might be more proactive about getting his work taken down, fair enough to link up a pic or two to promote his site, but you can easily find the entire series strips just by searching on “Illustrated Interracial”.

the doll
The Doll

The strips I’m not so keen on are Flag Girls, which is very well drawn but drags on, and Manza – or at least the first three quarters of Manza. Once the plantation mistress takes to the slave huts things spice up, but the story seems to be abandoned now: just when it was getting good and we were moving toward the heroine’s black impregnation. A shame, because you’d always get updates to duds like Flag Girls over Emptiness back in the day – and now Manza – and it takes from the artist’s time, which would be better spent… on shit I like naturally.

Emptiness was a great strip. It had a few ups and downs, but overall has a lot of highlights. I felt it ended a bit abruptly – I’d have liked to seen the chick in the story maybe get knocked-up by a few other guys she’d met on her travels too, so like I like I say, the ending felt rushed and there was a shit ton more potential in that story.

Like a follow-up with the daughter. The end introduced us to a future setting in which her family was now grown-up, and the daughter college age. I seen a reddit post suggesting a story line for her, and I’d like to see that, the daughter now continue the family tradition, and follow in mother’s foot steps as a black cock whore with a womb for bastard babies.


The whole site took a bad turn a couple years ago, around when strips by Miranda Morgan started getting produced. This also coincided with the forum disruption. Morgan’s stories read okay, but were stocked with beast-like black dudes who belonged more in Dungeons & Dragons fiction, than the fantasy impregnation fiction, of Fobbs’s site. Up until then, Fobbs had always represented real body types and maintained a recognisable real-world depiction to characters. Morgan’s shit was like that hob-goblin fucking blondes 3D stuff – not my cup of tea.

Plus the stories were repetitive. Morgan was a one-trick pony. It was always “eyes shot open” and “sacred depths” and cocks the size of tree trunks poking through teenage girls’ rib cages…. and just a fuckin’ parody of the best of Fobb’s stuff.

You’re not missing too much if you skip the Miranda Morgan strips.

Check out Illustrated Interracial, you won’t be disappointed.

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