Impregnation Fetish

I can’t quite put my finger on when this became my number one thing to get my motor running.

I remember finding online in 2001 and it was definitely a thing for me then. But I think I just slowly slide into that one (no pun intended), I don’t think there was a “eureka” moment when it descended on me all at once.

I always had a fertile imagination (again, no pun intended!), with many a dirty scenario rolling around in the endless blue-movie of my mind, and I think it just naturally sprung out of a humiliation/domination fetish: that knocking a chick up was the ultimate act of domination on my part, and the ultimate act of submission on hers.

How conception should start for her

It wasn’t something I got around to role-playing in the bedroom until maybe 2004 or so I think… I was seeing this sex-freak American chick I’d met off Adultfriendfinder and she was up for all sorts, and liked all manner of dress-up and kinky shit, and so it didn’t exactly seem too ‘taboo’ with her to chat on introducing this element to the fun and games.

I say ‘taboo’ as I was still very blue-pill about the nature of women, and still overly “gentlemanly” in my conduct. I was still fully immersed in the Disney fairy tale of romance and had some bizarre notion that women aren’t as sexually nasty as guys… I know, but a lot of guys labour under that delusion.

So, I reckon I was also hesitant to verbalise it as I thought it’d be viewed as weird or perverted or sick… and basically result in me not getting my dick wet.

Out of every fetish you could be into though, this one is arguably the most ‘natural’ and healthy (of human and animal instincts).

But once I did verbalise it, my freaky American friend fucking loved it! And I have to say I’ve met a lot of women since who really get off on begging for a baby to be fucked into them, or enjoy the ‘narration’ in their ear about how they’re about to get ruined and knocked-up.

I did meet one who was really against that role play though, for whatever reason, and she didn’t want to play that game… but loved bareback fucking nonetheless.

Not that I really wanted to knock these women up… well, I did, I just didn’t want the financial responsibility of it.

So when I’ve had one night stands where chicks have been quite open and said they wanted knocked-up… and I’ve been safely at their place instead of mine, and they only have a first name for me… I’ve been happy to try to dick them pregnant.

It’s a fucking turn on to the max 🙂

Now that’s a baby maker!

I think some of these chicks are role-playing in their heads too, that they aren’t really sans contraception, and they get off on it.

Some are dead serious, and they want screwed pregnant, I’ve no doubt about that, either.

One – she was a bit of a wack job – we ended up in her bed after a roundabout way and some argument – then she asked, “Would you give me a baby?”

I told her honestly that I’d love to make her pregnant.

I don’t think she expected that answer though, and seemed to get cold feet. I spent the next fifteen minutes or so reassuring her about my sexual health and reasons for wanting to preg her (other than it’s fun).

After a while I was starting to lose patience, going round and round in conversational circles, so I told her if she was serious, to lie back and open her legs and I’d give her a baby; that she could be pregnant by the afternoon of the following day when I left her.

And she lay back, I removed her knickers, and asked if this was what she wanted and she said, “Yes.”

So I pumped three loads up her before I left her Sunday afternoon.

Had her ass on a pillow, legs in the air, and plenty of talk about her pushing my baby out of her nine months from now, to which she replied, “I hope so.”

She held her legs up too, after me pulling out, like she’d read, so my cum and sperm could do its work in her cunt.

Only dodgy moment was when she said something during, asking me if I wanted to be at the birth WTF?! I paused mid-stroke and told her I was only doing this on the understanding the baby was all hers, she’d be doing that alone. She agreed (it was something we’d said earlier anyway but I didn’t want any misunderstanding) and I added a second load up inside her.

Our last fuck, I recall we were kinda hungover, had had another nap after the morning load she took, and when I awoke I asked how she felt? She said she was okay, and being the romantic I am, I said, “Listen, I’ve got to go soon, but before I do, I want to put another load up your pussy; make sure you’re pregnant. You up for that?”

She nodded and turned to me… and I put another one up there.

Nice & deep, like that

Then I was careful to take her number, not give her mine, and I left. Before I left, I told her I was free on Friday if she wanted to keep working on that baby, and she said she was up for that.

I was in two minds about it. I enjoyed screwing her, but I had a feeling she was “off” or maybe a bit clinging… just something.

But my dick got the better of me later in the week and I went and bought a pay-as-you-go mobile phone, and was careful to get the top-up card with cash – thinking I was being all Jason Bourne and not giving her a way to trace me. This was to be the Bat Phone – or Impreg Phone – that I’d use to contact her on.

And I did. I text’d her, and she replied, but now she wasn’t up for Friday, she wanted to meet another time and discuss the whole thing, and we had to do this with “respect” and promise not to see anyone else, and more bullshit… and I just lost interest and didn’t contact her/switch the phone on again after a while.

I would’ve been up to empty my balls in her pussy again, but this was getting to seem like too much effort and hassle. So, I dropped that one.

She didn’t get preggers by me anyway, I kept in touch long enough to discern that.

That was fun, and I’ve had a few more of those of the years, but they’re for another post.

What about the rest of you? Men and women (Google analytics tells me 25% of our traffic is female)? Got any good tales, or want to share what gets you off about the whole baby-making thing?

Don’t be shy. We don’t judge around here 😉

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