Increase Your Ejaculate

Make Your Loads Bigger In Other Words

There’s plenty happy-horse shit, new-age crapola flying around about eating your greens, staying hydrated and avoiding antioxidants, but the only sure fire way to shoot a bigger load, is not to shoot a load in a few days.

Me, when I know I’ve got some skin-on-skin fun coming up, I save myself.

For a week.

That means no wanking, jerking, or otherwise choking the chicken, monkey or any other quaint colloquialism for tossing one off.

Which when you run a site like this, is a big ask, what with all the material you’ve got to review…

But that kind of makes it better: the abstinence.

And that dirty, wicked, knowledge of knowing that I’m really gonna fill her cunt with sperm; that the crotch of her knickers are gonna be ruined…

Plus it’s a better, more intense orgasm.

It’s like your body knows – or your dick does anyway.

And as your dick as a direct line in communication with your balls, you can be assured that the order is going to be to really reach down deep into the well to produce a gusher.

Plenty of foreplay, teasing yourself as much as her, helps too.

A little “blue balls”. Just for the pleasure in relieving them.

Deep in her pussy.

Women enjoy it, too. I find them quite matter-of-fact about the ensuing back flow they’ll experience – the wet puddle under their ass, and later the streaks of cum running down their thighs.

They’re very… accepting of it all; no complaint.

In fact, I think they’re proud if they think they’re the reason for such a big cum load. That they’re just so special and beautiful, that you couldn’t help but spurt a gusher like that up them.

In such circumstances, when my tank is reading “Full”, I like to put the first two loads where nature intended; make sure they’re not wasted. The second is never as big, but will still be decent. Especially if you give yourself a little chemical boost in the form Viagra or Cialis.

Why not? You want to ensure you enjoy yourself 🙂

And I find if I’m turned on enough, I can stay in her cunt after that first load and not lose my erection. Meaning I can go for Round Two without having to go back to my corner, and literally make sure her vagina is swimming with my sperm.

Not saying I can always pull it off (no pun intended), but I always try to.

For me. But she can think it’s for her if she wants to. I wouldn’t disillusion her… I’m not nasty like that.

Increase your ejaculate

An appreciative girl.

Now go get me a beer and make me a sandwich while you’re at it 🙂

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