Nastycreampiegirls – Review and Review

The two sites, nastycreampiegirls and heathersgangbanggirls, are exactly the same in terms of content.

I think the reason for the two sites comes from way back when, like fifteen years or more ago, when heathers was a general creampie site, not interracial specific, and featured different girls and scenarios.

I say “think” as I definitely remember a site that looked very much like a relation to nastycreampiegirls that has since vanished, and I think it was maybe called heathers.

It looked like decent content too, some impregnation theme, but like I say, it’s long gone and I don’t think I’ve ever caught any of it anywhere.

Heathers, or nastycreampiegirls, is most definitely in the interracial impregnation niche, and is one of the oldest, if not the oldest.

Heathers has been kicking around since 1997 according to its site page, and since 1999 according to the Internet Archive. So it’s twenty years old now!

And much of the content on it looks twenty years old. It’s shaky footage, badly recorded, iffy sound, and obviously shot on nothing more sophisticated than a home video camera. Check out our movie link to a compilation here.

But it still beats nearly everything that came after it.

katiehireslgThis was done when creampie was next to never produced, and the guy obviously set out to remedy that in his productions! There’s no pulling out, no clean up, and the guys always shoot deep into the girls’ pussys.

As they would if they intended a baby to come about from the action – which is just what the talk during filming is all about.

The film maker/director dude gives plenty of running commentary, but he does that as much as anything to keep things on track and nasty. I’ve noted that if that ‘direction’ isn’t supplied, the ‘actors’ tend to just withdraw (into themselves, not their cocks) and enjoy the sex for themselves, rather than us, the paying audience. So some nudges are needed to keep the verbals going, and of the right sort.

So, the films contain plenty of hot impregnation talk, and the director isn’t as annoying as the dude responsible for blackbred and hubbyloans2blackcock etc. His movies are a lot better too, as those latter series just descended into limp dicked, beer bellied goons robotically fucking the same few girls – when you’d seen one, you’d seen them all, and while billed as ‘black breeding’ sessions they were largely just vanilla amateur interracial creampie.

The movies are split into two lots. Not on the site, but definitely in practice. There’s the set that was shot in 1997/99 and the set that was shot in 2010.

That’s it: two updates in twenty years!

There’s plenty material to download though, the site isn’t short on that, and you get two formats to chose from, wav and mp4 files. The wav files are around 50mb and the mp4 about 35mb, split into anything of 100+ files. That can get to be a pain in the ass, and some twenty seconds or so of each file is wasted with the logo introduction.

There’s also photo galleries and a 3D option – though I never really tried that out and don’t think it really adds anything/works.

The original stuff is easily recogniseable via the grainy photos that accompany it. The girls are a mixture of young brunettes and blondes, and all are gang fucked by four to six guys, in what looks like the same hotel room or bedroom.

Some of the earlier stuff also includes a white guy, but this must’ve been before the director thought all black gang breeding of white girls was hotter. Me, I don’t really mind the race of the guy, I can take or leave that element.

The girls normally do a piece to camera, it’s all fantasy, about having a boyfriend or not, and their reasons for filming. It’s normally established here that they’re not on the pill or any birth control.


Then the action begins. The director encourages the guys to “knock her up” or “get her pregnant” and gets the girl to repeat him, encouraging the guy fucking her to cum in her and make her pregnant.

Some times they start out warning not to do that, that they don’t want to get pregnant, but they don’t complain when that first load gets pumped into them, and get with the program thereafter.

There’s a penchant for spooning up the leaking cum and either storing it a glass, or immediately feeding it to the girl. If it’s stored she’ll drink it later, or in the best known and most oft copied movie on the tubes, have it poured via a funnel into her ass, and then suck it out.


There’s some sucking of the cum out of their pussy too with a tube to the mouth. Which sounds hot, but somehow doesn’t really seem to work – at least for me. I’m not a big fan of those segments.

katiehireslgIn the later movies, that becomes pouring the cum into their gaping pussy, or injecting it with a baster, and that does most definitely work! With plenty of talk about pouring babies into their cunt.

The later movies are more restricted in terms of actresses, but they’re young and pretty, and Katie is an attractive girl with a nice body… who’s real into the fantasy of getting knocked up by black dudes and gets seriously ‘abused’ and used to that end.

As I say, unlike the other competitor series blackbred etc, these movies never forget what they’re about, and descend into vanilla interracial. There’s plenty talk among the guys about fucking a baby into the girls, and plenty from the girls encouraging them to do just that. And with no ‘love.’ The girls are left in no doubt that they’re just being used and fucked pregnant on camera for the fun of it, because it feels good to push deep and blow a load up inside them, and anything else they might get left with in their pussy as a by-product of all that cum and sperm is all theirs; no one’s offering an engagement ring or even a “hello” on the street after impregnating these girls.

The director can get in the way at times, but everything is kept on track and you won’t be disappointed if you sign-up looking for good impregnation themed porn – because that’s what this most definitely is.

I’m not too big on one element – they plug the chicks’ mouths with a sponge, which prevents or muffles their impreg talk. Even when the director is telling them to say something dirty, and they’re trying, but they’ve got that fucking plug in their mouth!

I get why, it’s another source of degradation as the guys wipe their ass on it before sticking it in her mouth, but even so, that doesn’t really add to the proceedings for me: I want to hear her beg for that bastard baby in her belly.

The site layout is basic, not very well linked, and you can’t download an entire movie in one go. Some of the movie and gallery labels aren’t obvious to what the action is or who the girl is either, and there isn’t a gallery of girls presented so you can go directly to their stuff.

The whole site is still very much a vintage throwback to 90s porn design. The front page still utilises hidden keyword stuffing which is evident if you highlight the area between the top and bottom. It looks empty but is full of phrases designed to get picked up by the search engines – which worked way back then, but now just gets a site black listed and de-indexed.

Which is probably why you never see the actual site these days returned in any search results.

katielgIt was always kinda ‘underground’ though. I can’t remember exactly which site led me to it, but I know it wasn’t off Google or Yahoo. It wasn’t listed on any of the banner linking sites either the same way blackbred and other creampie sites like Janet Mason and Creampie Cathy were. It was definitely a little niche site.

Despite what the site says about new material being added, that’s just misleading; a piece of code that auto generates a recent date to suggest new uploads have been added. Nothing new has been added since 2010 when the HD impregnation gangbangs were added.

For why nothing’s been added, I don’t know. Maybe the guy makes plenty as it is; maybe it’s a real pain in the ass organising these things; or maybe he’s still trying to get the cum stains out of his carpet because he appears to have filmed the later movies in his own home! Despite the plastic tarpaulin, things still get very messy…

Whatever the reason, the site remains in stasis, and who knows if it’ll ever get another update?

The nice thing about sign-up is there’s a one-off option, and it’s the same price as the recurring option. With a good internet connection, a month is all you’ll need to get what you want from the site.

The site is clunky, it’s not well organised, the movies and photo galleries are mixed up, the files are too big and not compressed, there’s no option to download a full movie… but it’s still the best damn source of impregnation themed porn out there.

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