Pure Taboo – Review

Pure Taboo is a site that’s still relatively young by porn site web standards, and one that you might find intriguing…

They bill themselves as a “psychological” sex site, featuring filmed stories that explore the dark side of sex. Well, the legal dark side of sex; no one’s going to jail here! Everyone’s over eighteen and so are the characters they play. No one’s doing the Max Hardcore thing and saying they’re “twelve” (even if you can add at least ten years to that). That shit landed Max in jail, and no one on Pure Taboo is that dumb.

I’ve said it in my video posts, but I like some backstory, some narrative to my porn, not all gonzo, dick-out straight to the action. The Japanese stuff, it still comes with a story line, some build-up, and I like that change of pace now and again.

When it’s done well.

Because as we all know there was a shit ton of stuff done in the 70s, 80s, and 90s wherein it wasn’t doesn’t so well.

Okay, you ain’t gonna get Meryl Strep acting standard or high production, thus a lot of the classic vintage stuff is pretty dire. Some of it is good it has to said, and when it’s good it can be very good, and it’s the extra wrapping of the story, the dialog etc, that brings the vanilla sex up to make it something special.

This is what Pure Taboo is trying to do – and to be fair, it does it.

This being 2018, not 1988, when HD camcorders abound, production costs are slashed. You can make a little look a lot with access to the right locations, good lighting and some competent camera and sound work.

I don’t know how much (or how long) it takes to film a Pure Taboo episode, but you can tell they’ve put some effort into the production, and the end result looks pretty slick: it’s quality material.

The acting… well, they’re porno “actors”, they dick and get dicked on screen, they’re not graduates of the NY School of Performing Arts, but they do their best.

And to be honest, it’s more than good enough for these shows.

The Sex

The sex in Pure Taboo is nothing amazing or pushing the boundary. It’s nothing you haven’t seen before and there’s no real “filth” and degradation in the acts themselves. It’s all pretty tame in that regard.

That is, if you’re watching with the sound off.

Because Pure Taboo is all about the scenario, the setting and the dialog… add that in, and then it gets elevated; then it gets filthy.

Very, very filthy.

There’s creampies to had, too.

Like in ‘Blind Surprise’. That story focuses around a pretty, young, blind blonde girl who finds herself with the black gardener who stalks her and deceives her into believing that he’s her doctor. He uses her innocence and trust – and the fact that she’s blind – to screw her and take her virginity, and pump her fertile, virgin hole, full of his sperm.

When she asks what that was, as she feels him cum, he tells her something to reproduce with…

That’s nasty.

That’s good shit.

‘The Deflowering’ is another pick. Again, this has a young sweet looking girl lose her virginity, but this time to the thugs threatening to beat her boyfriend up. She’s fucked right in front of him, taunted and abused… and she goes right along with it. It’s pretty damn hot and nasty.

There’s plenty similar stories uploaded to the site, you’re bound to find something that floats your boat, and all the stories have some sort of “edge”: Coercion, harassment, exploited… all decidedly non-PC.

Thank fuck.


The site has plenty previews and the company keep an account on the major tube sites that they use to upload freebies. Like Premium Bukkake, they seem to be pretty proactive about searching their brand name and having unauthorised stuff taken down i.e. what they haven’t made public themselves yet. That means you can get the older productions, pretty much in their entirety, on some sites.

The new stuff, you have to pay for.

Which is fair enough, too – if it’s worth it – and I reckon Pure Taboo is.

It’s doing something different, something more “taboo” as it says on the tin; darker.

And, something I like that’s a throw back to the days of paid porn, you can get a cheap 3-day trial period to check the site out. You don’t have to signup for the whole month – you can peek and then decide if you’re staying.

And here’s a tip… enter any old shit in the Promo code box a couple times… you’ll get an auto popup offering you a code i.e. discount 😉

Don’t say we aren’t good to you 🙂

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