Realistic Sex Doll – Review

Life-Like Love Dolls – What Are They Really Like?

The modern sex doll is so life-like that gone are the days you need a big set of lungs to blow up your startled looking lover, and you’re tired and drained before you get your freak on.

Only down side is the modern thermoplastic elastomer (TPE for short) metal skeleton doll is not easily hidden.

Dodgy Dave Meets Candy

I am an average looking guy, keep my self fit and toned, outgoing, and do get laid but I have always had a curiosity about these dolls, so when I got the opportunity to get one on the cheap, I thought fuck it and bought it! All with a view to doing a blog about it for you guys!

But trust me to end up with the world’s only disabled sex doll! Yeah, am sweet like that!

After a few weeks of waiting and wondering if she was going to be granted entry to the UK my door bell rang and on answering found a rather relived Fed Ex man with a heavy box grateful to find me at home.

The doll was well packed and discreetly boxed and survived the trip in good condition apart from a defect of a twisted foot from new, but hey that’s why she was cheap!

Meet Candy

After taking her out of the box and carefully unpacking her hands and feet and screwing her head on and attaching the wig, I put some clothes on her to give her some degree of decency! You know we had just met etc, and I wanted to go slow…

So I propped her up on the sofa, thinking she looked good with her small frame, busty chest and cute face. Her skin was soft to the touch but to be honest it was slightly freaky as I kept expecting her to move or say something or maybe even fart or some shit! I can see why a lot of socially awkward guys or lonely people, or even guys who are just sick of female crap, would buy these dolls for companionship as they do look realistic.

Are You A Match?

If you’re comfortable with it, and ignore the double standard – you know how a woman can go out and get a V8 powered turbo masturbation machine, yet us guys get something fun to play with and are branded a pervert – then this is the ultimate sex toy to keep around the house if you have a big enough place and some good places to hide it!

As I said, they would be great for the lonely, recently separated or widowed individual who’s horny as hell but isn’t yet ready to go through all the motions (and also tension) of finding himself a genuine woman.

Candy has some bad habits

Or just someone who may have had enough of females and the hassle of dating, or the socially awkward.

However, a sex doll should not replace genuine human interaction, and a real woman is my preferred favourite(!) every time, so your doll should be just a bit of fun and a change from having a wank.

Speaking of which, you can cum in any hole you want or even all over her face without her having a hissy fit and refusing to make you pancakes the next day just because you got cum in her hair.

Cost of Living With Candy

A sex doll might set you back several thousand dollars (or pounds or euros) like my one, which is the 5’2 Avril doll, that I renamed Candy. This model can be found at time of writing on OV Dolls for around $1,600 (reduced from $2,800).

Over time that’s more affordable compared to taking out various divas and princesses on a few dates and getting nothing but a peck on the cheek. At least with the doll the sex is ensured. Also for those guys who work a lot of hours or hold numerous jobs, and might not have time for a real life woman, the companion doll is the ideal means to release all that pent up stress arising from a tough week at work.

Moving your new lover around the house is not easy as these things weigh 40kg plus, and you also have to be very careful with the TPE skin as it can catch on things and tear. Also the fingers are a very vulnerable part of the doll and the metal can easy tear through them. TPE is also very porous so you have to keep her clean and make sure her tight holes are cleaned and dry after use or you might find some mould down there (which is too realistic).

Some dolls come with a heating function to pre-warm the body so it doesn’t feel like you’re lying naked on top of a corpse. Another way of warming your doll is to leave her in direct sunlight and have some fun with her during the day.

Downside is when you finally lift her out of her hiding spot, get her in your fav position, and she is all lubed up ready to take your throbbing manhood, sometimes by time you’ve went through all that, the moment has gone and you just cant be arsed! Because unlike a real woman, she does not interact back with you (okay, that can be called ‘realistic’ too, but we’re talking about the ideal 🙂 ).

Sex With Candy

Sex with a doll is rather one sided, as you’d imagine.

I ended up having my first session with Candy when I came home rat-assed drunk, thought “fuck it” and got her out of the wardrobe. I threw her on the bed and in the heat of passion in the dark, it did feel quite realistic and her tight lubed hole felt good, although getting a blow job from her is a tad visually disturbing: when you face fuck her, the eyes bulge out and end up in different postal zones in a very disturbing and not exactly sexy way.

See what I mean?

Certainly for me, I would rather go out and meet girls and have the real thing. This would never replace female interaction, unless was great advancement in robotics and A.I.

And speaking of which, give it a few more years, and with the advancements in A.I and robotic technology, it could get very interesting for the sex doll market…

In Conclusion

Get yourself over to OV Dolls and check out these silicone beauties, as there are some good deals to be had and don’t be afraid of the stigma attached. I certainly don’t give a flying fuck – my friends love her, and female mates are intrigued and love sorting her hair etc.

Candy often joins in with social gatherings and at least you can creampie her all day long with the certainty she not going to be chasing you for child support!

But don’t expect her to do anything useful, so in a way she is totally realistic 😉

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