Sperma Studio – Review

Sperma Studio has been around a few years, but is still quite young compared to the likes of Creampie Cathy and Jean Swing.

It seems to be modelled on that stalwart of filth, German Goo Girls (GGG), and is a German production company itself. One thing the German’s seem to do well, is extreme porn, and unlike the American productions which can feel vanilla and overly choreographed – and just too plain seen-it-a-hundred-times – the German stuff of this ilk, while still retaining good production values, knows that good porn needs a seedy element to it(!).

So they go in for a similar look, doing the darkened room/dungeon set at times, and other times it’s full lighting. Probably exactly the same studio, just slightly modified for each shoot.

Actually, GGG and Sperma Studio may well be shot in exactly the same studio, the settings don’t look too different these days.

natalie sperma studio


And you know, that doesn’t detract from it at all. Who the hell’s really paying that much attention to the decor anyway?!

GGG does cum swallowing bukkake, and has for many years now, but they never branched out into creampie as much as I hoped they might. A company producing the sort of stuff they do, I knew it’d be just as extreme if they ever got around to pumping cum into the girls’ cunts, like they did their mouths. I thought they’d be pretty imaginative with it too.

But for some reason it never happened, and GGG remained steadfastly with oral, and not vaginal, cum play.

Thus when Sperma Studio appeared, it seemed to me that someone was finally trying to step up and produce something in the GGG flavour.

Sperma Studio didn’t just go for creampie though, as it includes as much cum swallowing as it does it cunt-cumming. It kinda looks a little like Sperma Studio were trying to beat GGG at their own game, and produce a fully rounded cum whore cinema experience, including that missing element – multiple deep cum shots in the women’s pussies. And by deep, I mean deep – none of that tip of the cock shit that is the hallmark of a lot American studios output: Sperma Studio guys go balls deep to unload.


natalie sperma studio

Balls deep

But that said, GGG have the market in oral bukkake, and a wealth of past material. There’s not much you can do in terms of bukkake that GGG haven’t. So, I kinda felt the whole oral thing could’ve just been included as ‘filler’ to the cunt cum shots – so I’m kinda disappointed that in some Sperma Studio productions there’s very little goes up the girls’ cunts, and it ends up an oral, instead of pussy, bukkake.

Maybe that’s just me, but that’s what I’m tuning in for, and why I purchased a membership in the past.

The quality of the girls varies greatly too. They’ve had some nice looking women – and I like to see a girl next door type open her legs to let any guy screw her and fill her with cum – and some that look like, well, junkies to be honest.

That sort doesn’t do anything for me: a low life looking skank with ribs showing, bruises all over her body, and bad homemade tatts.

The age thing varies, too. I’m not an ageist, a good looking woman is a good looking woman, but some have looked decidedly worn out. GGG has had a few second division ‘starlets’ itself over the years, but the girls are generally better quality in GGG. Of what of I’ve seen of late, Sperma Studio needs to pay a few more bucks to get some quality, younger, better looking women in to get screwed.

Julie Skyhigh, she was a good ‘un, and I liked blonde Natalie’s movies too, those girls were troopers and had no hesitation in letting any dude on set spunk up them, but their movies are several years old now: they need to feature chicks more like that in my opinion.

And it is all opinion, as maybe the seedier type of chick is a better seller, and a niche/market Sperma Studio is aiming for, I don’t know.

Like I say, though, I want to see some cute innocent looking blondes, bereft of more tattoos than a Japanese Yakuza, getting the cock and cum treatment in the gynaecological examination table-chair.

I do like how they don’t do overly prolonged fucking… well, maybe a bit, but like GGG style the guys come in, give a few pumps, unload in the woman’s pussy, and withdraw to let the cum run out, before the next guy takes his turn to add his load in her.

julie skyhigh sperma studio

Julie Skyhigh

That I like. It’s really treating the chick as a cum dump.

Sperma Studio is still regularly producing fresh content, and while some of the older stuff is swirling around on the Web, they’ve enough new content that you won’t have seen before, and do live streaming shows too. Some of which looks interesting.

There is a company or two biting Sperma Studio’s ass, going after the same niche, and producing some promising stuff, but it’s in the same style of Sperma Studio – so they need to take note and duly up their game.

Behind the scenes, I’ve read forum threads of unhappy guys who’ve paid to partake in Sperma Studio’s parties, and not been impressed by the way things were handled or the some of the featured girls. That’s kinda by-the-by for me, though. As long as it works on film, and is a good production, then I’m not so interested in on-set gossip.

One minus of Sperma Studio is that like GGG, the ‘narration’ is largely in German. It’d be hotter if we could understand the girls filthy talk, but the action is generally filthy enough that it’s not such a minus… but it’d still be nice.

When they have an English speaking girl featured, you get English, but those are the only times. Meh, just a nice-to-have.

But it means if there is any talk of impregnation etc., we don’t understand it – unless you’re fairly adept at German that is!

That would really be the mega-boost if they added in that sort of talk. To my knowledge, none of the creampie gangbang sites other than nastycreampiegirls do either – seems like an enormous gap waiting to be filled, and hardly too much of a jump as it’s just additional of dialogue (not asking for real impregnation, just the role-play/chit-chat).

If you’re not familiar with Sperma Studio check it out, it’s definitely worth a look, and has some good, hard, creampie gangbangs in it.

You won’t be disappointed.

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