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For those with a little imagination, and who enjoy a novel read, The Kristen Archives used to be a good source of titillation.

There was something for everyone in there.

Naturally, I tended to the Just Impregnation Stories section, but the Mind Control area had a few gems too I enjoyed.

Many of those stories are years old now, and the site doesn’t look to have been updated since 2014. I don’t know if it’s in stasis or suspended due to funding, or if (all) the authors have just drifted away…

Whatever, the site isn’t dead from a reader point of view as SimilarWeb lists the domain still getting 9.4 Million visitors a month!

That’s a lot of readers of erotic literature.

I used to enjoy the Homer Vargas Cutters Creek series. It was a little off the wall, but so was just about everything on the site! Revolved around a forgotten town concept wherein the residents had a very peculiar attitude to sex and child birth… of all ages of its inhabitants.

As I say, the site contained material of all niches, so some caution is advised in selecting reading material. Not in terms of legality, it’s all legal as it’s fiction and not promoting any of the acts depicted within, and there’s certainly no accompanying imagery or illustrations: it’s literature, so it’s up to you to come up with that in your own head.

The Kristen Archives Just Impregnation Stories

Fuck knows where they got that pic from

But some can really go off-road, porn and taste-wise, so be warned.

I’d be hard pressed now to think of a site as good as The Kristen Archives were. I’m not sure where else you can find that sort of material, but admit I haven’t really went looking as Kirsten was my one-stop porno literature shop.

I think some of the submissions may have also been used as story lines at Illustrated Interracial. Certainly inspired a few anyway.

In writing, you can really let rip, though. Get the full fantasy up there. As such, I’ve penned a few impreg scripts that I’ve had voiced by suitable actresses, and will maybe link them up on the site in due course. I wrote them script style as the genre already lends itself to the visual/imagination, looking through the camera lens of your own mind’s eye.

I’ve often thought though, that some of these works could be easily turned into actual porn features. The extra titillation is frequently just in the dialogue, not the actual sex, so in that regard it would be easy to recreate.

Maybe not so easy, or cheap, to have a multitude of sets and locations, but I’m sure something could be contrived.

Anyway, just a short one, l’ll let the site speak for itself.

Go have a look.

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