Top 5 Sites To Get Laid From

The perennial question: which are the best dating sites in terms of your chances of getting sex?

Well, wonder no more, because here’s our top five recommendations to get your dick wet and empty your balls!

5. Escort Site

Well, duh.

But it takes the hunt out of it and sure does speed up the process: you’re gonna get laid 100%.

But it’s going to cost you, and you may not get laid quite how you like for that money… i.e. it’s going to be avec condom, not bareback.

Which is good sense if you’re using a pro. Especially one who offers bareback… Like as not that means anyone with an extra £50 gets to spunk in her cunt, too. That’s if it’s even an extra, and is just an “inclusive” on her sex menu.

That said, if you’re in the UK, you’ll find a shit ton of hookers offering their cunt up for “unprotected” on Adultwork.

Granted some of those profiles will be fakes or women who’ve just checked every box without even looking at it (because in their profile they say don’t ask for bareback), or the webcammers who annoyingly consider fantasy chat to be the equivalent (which it most definitely isn’t).

But you’re a big boy, if you want to play Russian-roulette sex style, then the site is there. I’ve read the forums of breeding-zone, and the barebackers there claim little, to no, ailments from that kamikaze approach.

At least none that a little penicillin didn’t take care of.

If you want to fuck one of these women au natural, but safely, then check out my blog post on how to get bareback (from a hooker who says she doesn’t).

I’m not sure if that would work on the international sites like Euro Escorts (with girls in the US and world wide), but there might be a way to swing it… I don’t know, haven’t tried with that one.

The girls are damn nice on that site, though, but there’s also a fair bit of airbrushing going on in those pics.

But as I say, if you want to get laid, you will for sure on a billboard of hookers.

Verdict: Does the job but expensive and not long term viable without deep pockets. 


4. Tinder

If you don’t have an account (and just about everyone does) get yourself one.

Not because you’re missing out on the orgy, because there isn’t one unless you’re a chick, but because it is possible to get laid from that free app if you have the patience of a monk and perseverance of a saint.

As a guy, unless you’re ‘Men’s Health & Fitness’ magazine cover model good looking, you’re going to do a lot of swiping right, and not get much from it.

Even when you do get a match, and message, most of the time you won’t get a reply.

When you do get a reply, most of the time it’ll dwindle to silence within the same evening.

It’s frustrating but this is life for guys in online dating, and it applies to all the regular dating sites on this list (bar one) so get used to it.

But it’s free.

And so are the chicks on it.

Now, you got to maybe lower your standards a little. Not too much, you still have to be able to look yourself in the face in the bathroom mirror next morning, but allow for the fact it’s a free fuck.

I’m saying that, as while there’s reams of great looking chicks on Tinder, like as not, you’ll never match with them, never mind fuck them.

I’m sure you’ve got a spare minute or two, and in that time can fire up Tinder, and do some swiping.

Don’t get frustrated, you need the Zen mindset for this one, and have patience.

And don’t pay for any upgrades, it doesn’t make a shit of difference, just use the free version.

Verdict: Possible but play for free and don’t play with any expectations at all.

3. ALT

I’ve written about ALT before and you can read our main review here.

ALT is most definitely not free, but it’s here you can find the kind of freaks to sate your kinks and bareback preference.

Lot of folks think the sex is all safe & “wrapped-up” on these sites, but you might be surprised by just how many women want it raw.

Again, it’s your call… and you can ask for health certs/test results and no offence will be taken.

Or you can make a judgement call.

I know – faint – and cry how reckless that is etc etc, but let’s be real: lot of folks are doing just that.

We’re all grownups, we all know the sort of shit that’s out there, but truth is a lot of folks make that call based on how much of a risk they perceive the other person to be.

Like I say in the original review, ALT (and all dating sites) can be a slog and take time, and money, to get what you want out of them. You won’t join ALT and be having an orgy the following weekend.

You have to contend with dead profiles, ghosting, no replies… and stick at it till you get a hit.

It can be done, because I have.

But be realistic.

I place ALT behind Adultfriendfinder because it’s got a smaller user base and is touted as a more niche site, hence less newer faces on a day by day basis.

It’s anything goes though, and hard to offend on that site. Whatever you’re into, you’ll find it on ALT.

You might not get it, but you’ll find it.

Verdict: The long game and but with a freak (pot of gold) if you get you get to the end of the rainbow.

2. Adultfriendfinder

Adultfriendfinder comes in ahead of ALT as it’s less expensive to join with a bigger population, also you find a lot of crossover with its sister site ALT.

These sites are about finding a sex partner. Period. Anyone you contact knows the score. You’re hooking up to fuck.

But while Adultfriendfinder shares a lot in common with ALT, it can be more vanilla in terms of its members sexual tastes.

So don’t leap in saying how much you’d love to tie her up in that Little Beau Peep outfit and make her gag on your cock. Feel things out a little more. Most are into the fucked-up shit, but not all… or take a little coming around to it. Remember to be a human being and that you’re dealing with other human beings.

As for the bareback thing… like ALT, I find ‘ask and ye shall receive.’ Lot of the women are unperturbed at offering up their pussy for a spunk load as nature intended – as they enjoy it that way

But as above, you’re gonna put a lot of leg work in.

Verdict: Long standing adult dating site with plenty of members but be prepared for as much frustration and no replies as But not too pricey with real chicks looking to get pumped.

AFF Cipriana James

1. Seeking

Formerly known as seekingarrangement.

This site is the exception I was speaking about above. You will get laid on this dating site.

As it’s a “sugar daddy”/”sugar baby” site.

Meaning, you’re expected to provide a little sugar in terms of a PPM (Pay Per Meet) or allowance.

Now, don’t let that put you off. You don’t need to be rich to use a site like this, just have the money to pay for what you want. Like you don’t need to be rich to stay at the Ritz, you just need enough as cover your one night’s bill.

Which is why PPM is preferable.

You’ll read a lot of posts on sugar forums speaking all sorts of shit about four figure allowances and the high life, but the reality is £200 or £300 will get you laid for a whole night of fucking with a very attractive, young, girl-next-door.

That’s the head-fuck of it: a while on Seeking and you’ll realise just how many regular girls are on it, selling their pussy.

It’s escorting-lite. The girls don’t want a life of spreading their legs to any and all guys, day after day, but may for a nice meal and stay over in a boutique hotel that affords plenty of selfie opportunities – and leave with a few hundred bucks spending money as well in the morning.

That you’re “gifting” them.

See, that makes all the difference in their minds: they’re not pros or hookers… they’re Sugar Babies.

They get their sugar, and you get yours.

Now, you maybe have to tread a little lightly on the site, not be too forward, but again, it’s understood why everyone is on the site – sex for money.

Because of that, and soliciting laws in the US etc, the site has kind of tried to re-brand itself as a little more vanilla of late, and play down the “arrangement” aspect (hence the name change), but that transaction is still very much the raison d’être of why everyone’s on it.

You’re better to discuss what you want/the arrangement off site on Kik or whatever messenger you like. The site admins regularly scan inboxes looking for key terms that violate the terms & conditions of the site – like PPM – but once offsite, no one gives a fuck.

Also you can feel freer to say what you want.

I started off tip-toeing around the whole thing when I started, but these days I just outright say I want bareback and maybe to record myself screwing her too.

Yup. The recording thing gets maybe 50% push back. The blowing a load up their cunt bare… maybe 10% push back. From the ones who reply.

Not that I start out with that as my initial message. I do have some decorum and build at least minimal rapport first. As I said above, be human.

Because even though the girls are selling themselves, most still want to delude themselves that this is something other.

But again, you may be surprised by how many pretty young things will have zero compunction about spreading their legs for a stranger’s load on first meet.

The downside to Seeking is that it is fucking expensive. Currently £70 ($90) a month.

And it has a lot of scammers trying to play you on it. Never, ever, under any circumstances, send money ahead of a meet, even if you Skype or speak on the phone – you will be scammed and she will disappear.

Likewise, there is a lot of flakiness, ghosting and no shows.

That’s not a problem if you live in a big city and only intend on meeting girls from your immediate locale, but if you travel further afield, you’ll have travel and accommodation costs (and her travel costs too if she has to come meet you outwith her hometown, and many don’t want to meet in their hometowns for fear of being spotted).

On top of that you’ll have her PPM. That should be agreed ahead of meeting and be in cash, and the girl should be aware of exactly how you expect your “date” to go.

And it is a date, it isn’t just sex. This is escorting-lite so she won’t want meet->fuck (some will), there will probably be a dinner and some drinks involved.

So, as you can see, this can get very pricey.

But not as pricey as an overnight from a real pro.

That there is why it’s infinitely better than an escort site and even though you’re paying, cheaper.

And a Sugar Baby won’t have fucked a dozen guys before meeting you that same day.

Yup – stick your dick in chicks just like these

You do get “pros” on it and girls who are either on their way down from being a full blown escort, or on their way up, but most are just regular girls of the sort you on the street every day…

Yup. As I say, that’s the head-fuck of it, once you realise even the “good girls” are at it: the student, the office receptionist, the hairdresser, the admin temp, and of course the single mum. You’ll find them all on Seeking.

If you use Tinder, you’ll find just about all of them on that too, doing regular dating. And the guys their age will never know… and neither will her boyfriend. Yeah, a lot are in relationships.

Speaking of age, this is one dating site that it helps to be in your 40s+ to date younger chicks. It’s a “Sugar Daddy” site and the clue is in the name there. Also, the idea is that you’re an established man, with means, and that isn’t something younger guys usually possess. In fact, many of the younger guys who join up are eschewed as fakes.

So don’t be afraid to hit up that 18yr old honey – you could well meet her, and have her go home with her little teen pussy filled with your middle aged spunk.

It is faster to meet someone on this site, but as I say the downside is you need a few quid to splash and there is a lot of ghosting, and getting stood up, to contend with too. Which is really pissing off if you’ve travelled and outlayed to just be left with your dick in your hand. It happens and it’s happened to me.

I give this site top billing as I think it’s a good hybrid of paying for sex, and getting good looking young chicks you want to screw.

There are a few girls on it as well who are genuinely into older guys and not there just for the money. They’re rare, but they can be found.

You may just want to take one month’s membership and harvest as many numbers as you can. Keeping a rolling membership can be pricey… but then the idea is that a genuine Sugar Daddy can afford it I suppose.

Most dudes aren’t. They’re just regular Joes, trying to get sex for as little money spent as possible.

Free to join and have a look round. You got to pay to play, though, and pay to continue playing with any girl you meet up with – which you won’t have to do with a woman you’re fucking off Tinder, ALT and Adultfriendfinder so bear that in mind.

This review is about getting you sex with least hassle and most efficiently, not necessarily economically. The girls on Seeking are consistently better looking, but they’re that way for a reason. There are good looking girls on the other sites but the competition is fiercer. On Seeking, the women outnumber the men, and you are the one in demand.

Because they’re hoping to get money and/or gifts out of you. Never forget that. When the sugar dries up, they won’t stick around.

It’s cost-benefit thing. I play all these sites at various times, and frequently change their rankings in my own head – but for today (and usually) this is how I’d rate them.


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