Young Girls Kissing Old Men

What it says it on the tin: nice young, attractive girls having a good tongue-down with a guy old enough to be their father or even grandfather.

And getting a good groping, too.

While I like a good bareback gangbang, and to see plenty of spunk getting pumped up some innocent looking chick’s cunt, I still have a soft spot for some of the “lighter” stuff… so long as it’s still degrading to the girl of course 🙂

And I like to kiss, I have to admit. It turns me on. Especially when it’s a deep tongue kiss as she looks into my eyes as I shoot my load up her…

So I like them kissing vids. It’s not really something that we’ll probably make a section for here, but I thought I’d post on it.

I don’t go for the lesbian stuff, of which there’s a shit ton out there, or the buff dude with chiselled jaw and six-pack abs making out with the blonde Barbie doll with enhanced tits, but I do like to see a young chick making out passionately with some ugly old fucker.

Even not so passionately and a little unhappy to. Abigale Johnson does a good line in that with her Japanese movies. The Japs seem to like the whole reluctant/forced role play in their porn, so much so that it’s practically a staple/mainstream.

Like this little example:

loading video

That’s a good movie ^ too.

But for kissing ugly old dudes then Oldje has been at that for years. Like at least fifteen years I’d reckon.

Back when you still had to pay for porn, I had a membership, and it was seeing the girls kissing these old boys, grey and balding and fat, bad skin, that was a bigger turn on than the (decidedly banal) fucking that followed it.

Check out this compilation:

loading video

I like some of the good looking young blondes getting into it, in that.

Would like to see them kissing like that in gratitude as they get a big load of cum pumped up them… but I guess that’s for the imagination.

This is another good ‘un:

There’s some good ones out there to be found. Not a lot of it involves creampies unless it’s the Japanese stuff, but I’ve said it before, I don’t mind some backstory, a bit of narrative to my porn, not all gonzo, straight-to-the-action stuff.

A nice girl roughly kissed or being passionate with some ugly old bastard, and happily opening her legs to get impregnated by him… that’s good porn! Worth paying for in fact… or I would.

So long as it’s suitably degrading 😉

Feel free to link up and chat about your lesser kinks in comments; share anything that hits the spot 🙂

And in an upcoming post, I’ll tell you where to find those young chicks happy for you to stick your middle aged tongue in their mouth, and dick up their pussy…

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