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Adultfriendfinder (AFF) has been around for years now. I first started dipping into it around 2003 (maybe before). In 2004 I hooked up with someone into the BDSM scene, and I’ve been returning ever since. In all honesty, the layout and pricing structure hasn’t changed all that much over the
If you want to indulge that impregnation fantasy of yours, or basically any fantasy, and cultivate a longer term arrangement/relationship than you’d have with a hooker, then you need to get yourself a Sub – or Submissive. Because it’s part of a Sub’s raison d’ĂȘtre to please you – and
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We’ve quite a few of this studio’s offerings on the site (see here), and they’re pretty good. So good in fact, that I broke with a rule of mine to never pay for porn and hooked myself up with a membership. I don’t tend to do that anymore because of
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If you’ve browsed Adultwork before – amidst all the scam profiles – you’ll have seen “bareback” offered by some… and usually not by the ones you’d like to try it with either. There are a few decent looking ones purportedly offering this service, check out our Escorts page, but that
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This review is applicable to The BDSM Site, Swingers and Bareback Swingers – they all feed into the same central database, and aside from site colours and name, are the same site. Updated 26/02/18 I first came across Bareback Swingers while looking for bareback escorts. Google threw up this review
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… which would it be? For me, that’s easy. I don’t want no invisibility or being able to shrink myself or fly or shit, I want mind-control: on the sort of next level hypno-fuckery that’d make even a Jedi envious. Man, there’s so much potential in that. That’d be living
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And not in a good way. As a new boy to escorting back in 2013, I decided to take the plunge with an agency arranged ‘date’ when my original date cancelled. This was at the end of a business trip, the Friday evening, as I’d decided to stay on for
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I can’t quite put my finger on when this became my number one thing to get my motor running. I remember finding online in 2001 and it was definitely a thing for me then. But I think I just slowly slide into that one (no pun intended), I don’t
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First off, we’re back and properly dressed after some PHP conflict that was fucking up the site with error messages. Never got an adequate explanation from either our host or our theme supplier… but that’s by-the-by, we’re sorted now. And can get back to posting vids of nice young women
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You know, I’ve kind of a broad taste in porn. Sometimes I want a pretty face with tear streaked mascara being throat fucked by a cock that’d scare a Grand National winner, and other times I prefer the simple pleasure of a nylon TGP site. Exercise my own imagination in